Creating a Report

How to create a Prime Rating Report

1. Copy/Download the Report Template

Select the Report type you want to create and make a copy of it.

Google Docs: Smart Contract Report | Data Report | Fundamental Report Word: Smart Contract Report | Data Report | Fundamental Report​

2. Fill the Report Template

You can now start filling in the report. Try to answer each question as objectively as possible, and attach relevant resources where possible.

  1. Look up if there already is a report on the specific protocol - use the Prime Rating database or this Gitbook.

  2. Open the report template for the category you want to rate - Smart Contract / Data / Fundamentals​

  3. Fill in the report and the scorecard at the end of the report

  4. Optional: Share the report in the pre-report channel on Discord

Reviewing the Report

After completing and checking the report, submit the report for review in the Prime Rating #Reports Discord channel and move on to the submission process.​