Complete overview of the best readings, tools and resources for evaluating open finance.

Cornerstone articles

DeFi Ratings

Analytics Tools

  • ​Dune Analytics - Ethereum analytics and Dashboards

  • ​Token Terminal - Standardized metrics to compare the performance of different crypto protocols

  • ​Etherscan - The Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Industry Reports

Newsletters (overview by DeFipulse)

  • ​Bankless - the ultimate guide to crypto finance written by Ryan Sean Adams

  • ​DeFi Tutorial - a newsletter focused on teaching and educating readers about DeFi with hands on video tutorials

  • ​DeFi Value - a place to better understand and evaluate Decentralized Finance

  • ​DeFi Weekly - a weekly in-depth review of technical achievements within decentralized finance

  • ​Dose of DeFi - a weekly newsletter that specializes in deep dives on topics in the space

  • ​EthHub Weekly Newsletter - a collection of the week's Ethereum and cryptocurrency news curated by the founders of EthHub

  • ​The Defiant - a curated list of daily news in the DeFi space explained and condensed down to a digestible level by Camila Russo

Education (overview by DeFipulse)

  • ​Cryptofilter - a community-curated DeFi & web3 news & info aggregator

  • ​Defi Nerd - a lending & borrowing reviews and rates comparison ressource for crypto assets

  • ​DeFi News - a DeFi News & Education resource

  • ​DeFi Prime - a list of the best Decentralized Finance Products

  • ​Defi Rate - a trusted resource for DeFi research, news and interviews with a strong focus on lending rates

  • ​EthHub Weekly Newsletter - a trusted resource on all things Ethereum